Visit the Museum of Forestry, Hunting and Fishing

Entrance fees

Adults CZK 120
Children and adolescents aged up to 18, secondary school students above 18 within school groups* Free-of-charge
Students aged above 18 CZK 60
Seniors aged above 65 CZK 60
Discount entrance CZK 60
Annual pass (for 1 person, one year valid) CZK 300
Accompanying teacher (1 for 10 kids) Free-of-charge

* Does not apply to the Fairy Underground (a different operator).

* Free entrance for children and adolescents applies to all the expositions and exhibitions of the museum. Does not apply to events and tutoring programmes organized by the National Museum of Agriculture.


Children’s entrance to events, non-museum and commercial exhibitions and other services (tutoring programmes, guide services etc.) are charged according to the current price list.

Guided tours

The price of the guided tour: CZK 50 per person (minimum 5 person in a group)

Free entrance

  • 18th May, 28th October 

Entrance free-of-charge:

  • Children from children’s homes, SOS villages, FOD - Child Protection Fund;
  • Holders of cards from the ITIC, AMG, ICOM, ICOMOS, National Archive, Union of Museums in Slovakia 
  • Holders of NAM Complimentary Tickets

Ohrada castle