identification: tractor
type: ŠT 180
country of origin: Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
manufacturer: LIAZ, n.p.
engine: LIAZ M634
horse power/revolutions: 189/1 800 rev/min
number of cylinders: 6
drilling/return stroke: 130/150 mm
cubic content: 11 940 cm³
fuel: diesel
cooling system: liquid-cooling
dimensions: 2 850 mm x 1 515 mm x 1 600 mm
weight: 1 400 kg
years of production: 1968-1990

The idea to build a new wheel tractor originated in 1968 in an East Bohemian cooperative farm Dolany near Jaroměř. It came from the local renowned designer and mechanizer Karel Žďárský, who later became one of the co-founders of Farmet. The idea was to use the existing parts from LIAZ trucks. The first model was presented to the public at the Brno Engineering Fair in 1969. The ŠT 180 tractor was made in 1979 and is exhibited by courtesy of Farmet.