identification: high-density baler
type: K 442
country of origin: German Democratic Republic
manufacturer: VEB Fortschritt Landmaschinen, Neustadt i.S.
press mechanism: piston
bale dimensions: 400-1200x500x360 mm
working width: 1510 mm
maximum speed: 20 km/h
drum revolutions: 1200 rev/min
capacity: 2500 kg of grain/h
dimensions: 4950x2700x2120 mm
weight: 1727 kg
year of production: 1969

The machine was used to collect rows of straw left behind by harvester threshers, or to collect hay and wilted hay. Compared to low-pressure presses, the K 442 saved about half the transport and storage space. The press was semi-mounted, and it was usually pulled by a tractor. The bale was discharged towards the trailer. The K 442 was made by an East German company Fortschritt.