identification: mower conditioner
type: E 301
country of origin: German Democratic Republic
manufacturer: VEB Kombinat Fortschritt, Neustadt i. S.
engine: D 50 
operating speed: up to 20 km/h
fuel: diesel
dimensions: 5570x4850x3750 mm
weight: 5330 kg
year of production: unknown

VEB Kombinat Fortschritt (Neustadt i.S.) was established in 1951 by merging the production of several plants. It became one of the major producers of agricultural machinery in East Germany. The E 301 mower conditioner was equipped with a lifting device that allowed the machine to adapt to the terrain, and a drum feeder that immediately arranged the cut grass into rows. The cutting height ranged from 50 to 120 mm. A new model of the E 302 was introduced presumably in 1985.