National Museum of Agriculture


The collection fonds of the National Museum of Agriculture (henceforth NMA) consists of the Collection of the National Museum of Agriculture registered in the Central Registry of Collections (henceforth CRS) under filing number NZM/002-05-10/225002 and of the accompanying documentation pertaining to this Collection. The collection fonds is created in accordance with the overall orientation and purview of the branches of the NMA. The Collection of the NMA is further subdivided by subject, thus forming sub-collections. It is a collection of individual items or sets of material evidence related to the development of agriculture, forestry, hunting, fishing, gardening, processing of agricultural produce, items related to the development of Czech countryside and cultural landscape of both domestic and international origin, but for the main part originating from the area of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia.

Curator (of a sub-collection) is the main and decisive agent responsible for the creation of a sub-collection, its scientific administration, and utilisation of items belonging it. Together with a conservator-restorer, they form the core team responsible for the long-term preservation of collected items.

Creation of the Collection of the NMA is the result of planned and deliberate collecting activities whose character is based on the foundation charter of the NMA, on characteristics of the Collection of the NMA as defined in the CRS, and on scientific knowledge provided by the individual branches of the NMA.

The Collection of the NMA is administered in accordance with the Act 122/2000 Coll. on the Protection of Collections of Museum Character and the Amendment of Certain Other Laws. Collection items are provided with registration records and other written scientific documentation. Where necessary, the items are also accompanied by visual or audio documentation. The Collection of the NMA is scientifically managed and administered and presented in permanent expositions, exhibitions, at events organised by the museum, and in the museum’s publications. This is an integral part of the museum’s educational activities provided either by NMA employees or other legal or physical persons based on a valid agreement on temporary loan of objects which are part of NMA collection.