Museum of Forestry, Hunting and Fishing – Ohrada Castle

Visit the Museum of Forestry, Hunting and Fishing

The Museum of Forestry, Hunting and Fishing is the oldest hunting museum in Europe. The first museum collections of game trophies and stuffed animals were installed at the Baroque Ohrada Castle in 1842. The Castle itself has served from the outset as a base for organisation of fox hunting and ceremonies.

Apart from the expositions Hunting, Fishing, freshwater aquaria, The Sallač Collection of Antlers and Falconry, Ohrada Castle also offers the impressive interiors of a hunting lodge, especially the banquet hall decorated with Baroque hunting motifs with antler furniture and the Chapel of St. Eustache. The museum annually prepares several exhibitions thematically related to the focus of the branch.

We also recommend a visit to the Ohrada branch of the National Agricultural Museum to families with children. A unique experience for all age categories during the season is also the exhibition titled Forest Springs – Tales of Forests.