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The picturesque environment of the Baroque hunting lodge lends a specific character to your banquet, wedding and other events. Ohrada Castle offers space for organisation of chamber events in the interior including catering facilities and exteriors for larger events.


Multi-purpose hall 

  • Capacity 80 to 100 people
  • Part of the movables – tables, chairs
  • lease of the hall can be combined nicely with lease of the courtyard or café
  • catering facilities with professional gastronomic equipment
  • projection in the hall is possible – option to hire a data projector and screen, sound system (speaker + mobile microphone)

Price: starting at CZK 1,000/hour  

It is exceptionally possible to provide overnight lodging in two double bed rooms with a common bathroom and WC; the room price is CZK 1,500/night.  


Main courtyard

  • a component of the courtyard is the outdoor furniture for about 20 people
  • also suitable for wedding ceremonies and can be combined with the multi-purpose hall
  • electricity connection available

Price: Starting at CZK 1,000 /hour



Professional catering facilities with gastronomic equipment (oven, cooker, refrigerator, dish washing machine)

  • suitable for use in connection with the lease of the multi-purpose hall or courtyard
  • cannot be leased separately

Price: approx. CZK 500/hour (not included in the hall and courtyard lease price)


Baroque Hall

  • Spacious hall with romantic hunting decorations and unique antler furniture.
  • Possibility of lease for short wedding ceremonies (price: starting at CZK 5,000/ceremony)
  • Lease of the halls for commercial purposes (price: as per agreement)


Grassy area in front of the castle

  • suitable for presentation events
  • electricity connection available

Price: CZK 2,000/hour


For all leases, we offer a tour of the museum



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