Czech Countryside Museum – Kačina Castle

Building a Chateau

Building a Chateau, Kačina

Museum exposition Building the Kačina Chateau uses information gained from archive research and acquaints visitors with the building of the chateau in 1806–1823.

This exposition includes not only archive materials of the period, i.e. mainly plans, budgets, and correspondence related to the construction, but using museum collections also the individual crafts that were needed for the chateau to be built, from diggers and bricklayers all the way to locksmiths and joiners.

Visitors will be able to follow the various complications which arose in the course of preparing the project for the chateau’s construction, meet the architects, designers, and project managers involved, and form a picture of how uncompromisingly Count J.R. Chotek intervened in the planning process. The exhibition also reveals the ‘big secret’, that is, the total cost of building the Kačina Chateau, now a branch of the National Museum of Agriculture...

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