The Story of Agriculture – Prague



The exhibition creates a picture of gamekeeping as a lifestyle, attitude, calling, profession and hobby of many people, a traditional field where the role of humans has always been essential. It presents a profession in which ethics and human morals are important, but also a field which is beneficial to farming and capable of producing quality food.

The exhibition shows us the history of gamekeeping, the duties and privileges of the position of a gamekeeper, the course of a gamekeeper’s year and other information on the field. We tell the story of gamekeeping in a traditional form (you will find showcases with carefully selected collection items), as well as using virtual effects, which allow you to become involved in the “plot” and mechanical elements which allow people to control them.

A mysterious world of all kinds of sensory perception combines the impression of reality and fairy tales. In the layers of the forest, you can encounter wood animals and follow their tracks. In the next part, you can test your own reactions and abilities in the role of a gamekeeper and allow yourself to be carried away by the reaction of nature, game animals and people to a transformation of natural conditions.

You will find the Gamekeeping exhibition on the first floor of the Prague building of the National Agricultural Museum, which is dedicated to natural resources. On the same floor, you can also visit the Fishing and Lab of Silence exhibitions.


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