Come and celebrate 100 years of the National Museum of Agriculture with us

Come and celebrate 100 years of the National Museum of Agriculture with us

In 2018, the National Museum of Agriculture is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its foundation. We opened this jubilee year with an exhibition of a unique collection of works of art by painters from the 16th to the 19th century known as “Šrobár’s Collection”, followed by the “Agriculture” exhibition, and we are currently preparing an exhibition entitled “The Phenomenon of Agriculture”. The celebrations will continue until the end of 2018, with all activities taking place as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the First Czechoslovak Republic.


The exhibition with the distinctive subheading Unveiling presents the public with the extraordinary and, at the same time, almost unknown collection of paintings known as “Šrobár’s Collection” for the first time in history. The collection was put together during the period of the First Republic under circumstances which are not entirely clear. The paintings are on display in the newly opened exhibition hall of the building in Prague’s Letná area until 30 June 2018.

We Are Also Celebrating in Čáslav, at the Kačina Château and at the Ohrada Hunting Lodge

The jubilee celebrations are not restricted to the museum’s main exhibition building in Prague, but are also being held at sites outside the capital. Thanks to the support of the museum’s founder, the Ministry of Agriculture, as part of the jubilee celebrations restoration work is also being carried out on certain significant exhibits on display at the Museum of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Čáslav or the so-called Comenius Beehive, which visitors can see at the Kačina Castle. The large hall of the Ohrada Hunting Lodge should once again see the return of copies of original large-format canvases by Johann Georg de Hamilton. Next year, Čáslav will also be hosting the exhibition 100 Years of Technology in the Collections of the NMA – the evolution of the collection of agricultural technology.

Agriculture as the Essence of Our Survival

We present agriculture as a unique phenomenon, the essence of our existence. For the public the result of the efforts of farmers, fishermen and hunters, that is to say agricultural products, sustenance or food, naturally has the most appeal. We also point to the need to take care of soil, water and woodland. Our exhibition addresses both the professional and non-specialist public, but I also consider it extremely important that we are also aiming it at children from a very young age, because many of them have very distorted ideas, for example, of the origins of food”, says General Director of the National Museum of Agriculture Milan Jan Půček. Deputy Director for Museology, Antonín Šimčík, adds: “A long interlude, during which the Museum of Agriculture was literally driven out of Prague, caused a disruption of continuity and a loss of public knowledge about this important national institution. At present, we are not only striving to build on the tradition of the First Republic, but also to apply the latest museological trends and to make a dignified return to a place among our country’s major museums. I believe that the new Prague exhibitions and large displays of this jubilee year will have great success with visitors”.

Jubilee Weekend and a Stamp Featuring Přemysl

As well as new exhibitions and themed displays, for next year the National Museum of Agriculture is also planning a Jubilee Weekend and other events for the public. The momentous occasion will also be commemorated with a stamp, which Czech Post has included in its issue plan for 2018.