ICOM 2022 in our museum

ICOM 2022 in our museum

The International Council of Museums – ICOM – is the only global museum association in the world. It provides museums and museum professionals with national, regional and international platforms of dialogue and exchange of ethical standards and innovative practices.

ICOM Czech Republic fulfils the goals and activities of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in the Czech Republic and mediates communication among ICOM, the international ICOM committees and the Czech members. ICOM Czech Republic spreads and adheres to ICOM’s standards and principles, which are contained in the ICOM Code of Ethics and which cultivate and develop the museum environment in the Czech Republic.

ICOM Czech Republic currently has 90 institutional members and more than 350 individual members. It is one of the organizations that represent museums and their members in negotiations with public authorities, and participates in the preparation of important documents, such as development concepts and other strategic materials. We prepare or participate in the preparation of conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Executive Board of ICOM, in its 139th session in July 2019, approved the designation of the City of Prague as the host city of the 26th ICOM General Conference which will take place from 20 to 28 August 2022.

Czech: 26. Generální konference ICOM Prague