Visit the Museum of Food and Agricultural Machinery

Entrance fees

Basic entrance fee

Basic entrance fee – adult CZK 150
Children and adolescents aged up to 18, secondary school students above 18 within school groups* free-of-charge
Students aged above 18 CZK 80
Seniors aged above 65 CZK 80
Annual pass (6 admissions) CZK 600
Annual pass (12 admissions) CZK 1000

* Free entrance for children and adolescents applies to all the expositions and exhibitions of the museum. Does not apply to events organized by the National Museum of Agriculture.

Free entrance

  • 18th May, 28th October 

Entrance free-of-charge:

  • children from foster homes, SOS villages, FOD - Child Protection Fund;
  • holders of ZP, ZTP, ZTP/P cards and their escort (1+1);
  • holders of cards from the ITIC, AMG, ICOM, ICOMOS, National Archive, Union of Museums in Slovakia;
  • holders of NZM Complimentary Tickets