Botany Sub-Collection

History of the Sub-Collection

This sub-collection has been created and added to since the foundation of the Valtice branch of the National Museum of Agriculture. Its core is a collection of seeds donated by J. Prokop, a university gardener, who donated it to the National Museum of Agriculture in 1971. Other items acquired by the collection were donated by the University of Agriculture in Brno, its Department of Orchard Management in Lednice in 1974. Most seeds donated by J. Prokop and the Department of Orchard Management has been acquired by exchanges between botanical institutions (botanical gardens and research institutes) from all over the world. A small part of the collection consists of seeds donated by UKZÚZ Podivín, JZD Oršicko, and Velké Losiny Plant Breeding Station. Part of the collection consists of seeds of economically important plants, such as pits of fruit trees, vegetable seeds, grains, legumes and forage crops, oil-bearing crops, and ornamental plants. To a smaller extent, the collection also includes wood samples, fern spores, cones, and dried specimens of spice plants.