Crafts Sub-Collection

History of the Sub-Collection

One of the most important groups within this sub-collection is a collection of spinning wheels, which includes over 50 items, and a collection of planes, which consists of over 40 items. The crafts sub-collection has been developing since the museum’s foundation, although at that time, it was part of the Farmers’ Life Sub-Collection. The oldest part of this sub-collection goes back to the Ethnographic Exhibition in Prague. During the interwar era, it was enriched by items related to textile manufacture and processing. During the socialist era, the museum had acquired some collections pertaining to crafts not previously represented in the collection, such as belt-making and glove-making. After 1989, the museum started to systematically map various hitherto unrepresented rural crafts, especially those related to building and building materials.


Important Items Belonging to the Sub-Collection

A collection of spinning wheels and a collection of planes.