Fruit Farming Sub-Collection

History of the Sub-Collection

This sub-collection was created in part by a transfer of items from the Kačina branch of the National Museum of Agriculture and in part by the museum’s own collecting activities during the entire period of existence of its branch in Valtice. The large number of collected items testifies to an effort to map the full range of this human activity. The most important items included in this sub-collection are paraffin models of fruits of fruit-bearing trees, especially apples and pears, many of them depicting old varieties nowadays rarely found in orchards. This large collection of paraffin models was described in detail already in the 1980s at the Kačina Chateau branch of the national Museum of Agriculture by Mrs. Eva Beňáčková, whose work was later continued by Mr. Dušan Kachyňa at the Valtice branch of the National Museum of Agriculture.

Important Items Belonging to the Sub-Collection

A collection of models of fruit, many of which represent old varieties nowadays not represented among farmed fruits.