Transportation and Energy Sources Sub-Collection

History of the Sub-Collection

Origins of this sub-collection go back to the 1950s. At this time, the museum had acquired a Praga K 5 motor plough, which formed the basis of this sub-collection’s further development. Another important milestone came in 1970, when the museum purchased a from Václav Lír a Fordson tractor, and in the following year acquired two Svoboda tractors. In 1972, the Katusice State Farm near Mladá Boleslav had decided to part from its steam plough and offered it to the museum.

The collection used to be exhibited in Řepy, near Prague. As it started to expand, however, this exhibition space became insufficient. In 1991, the museum had acquired new facilities in the former carpark of the Soviet Army in Zdechovice near the Kačina Chateau and moved there both the permanent exhibition and the existing collection from the Research Institute of Agricultural Machinery in Řepy.

In 2003, there came another relocation when the rented facilities in Zdechovice no longer suited the needs of the museum, which decided to move this collection to a newly acquired facility in Čáslav.

Important Items Belonging to the Collection

This collection includes a number of unique or sole surviving pieces, such as the Fowler steam-drive plough, Prague and Excelsior motor-driven ploughs, a prototype of Škoda HT 25 tractor, or, among the newer ones, a prototype of the Zetor 26 tractor.