Plant Production Sub-Collection I

History of the Sub-Collection

A large group within this sub-collection is formed by hand tools used in agriculture, many from the second half of the nineteenth century. Represented are also models of various hand tools. Another group is formed by agricultural plants and their varieties, which are presented in the form of wet or dry samples or accurate models. A collection dedicated to diseases and pests is likewise presented in the form of wet and dry samples. A distinct sub-group is formed by fertilisers and chemical preparations for the protection of plants. In recent years, this sub-collection came to include a group of items related to natural conditions, but also instruments used in laboratories, various laboratory tools, pharmacy vials used for storing medicines and raw materials, as well as collections of herbs including herbal products.

Important Items Belonging to the Sub-Collection

Hand tools used in agricultural work (tools for working the soil, pins for making knots on straw that secures a sheaf) from late nineteenth and twentieth century, and a set of melioration instruments for hops farming and creation of hops fields which were in use until the first half of the twentieth century. Quite extraordinary is a set of unique pharmacy containers used to store medical materials and medicines.