Forestry Sub-Collection

History of the Sub-Collection

The forestry sub-collection has been founded at the beginning of the twentieth century and added to ever since. It was created by the agricultural museum in order to present contemporary forestry as a dynamically developing enterprise. Collection items related to forestry were kept at all branches of the museum. Those that survived the Second World War were then gathered and installed at the Konopiště Chateau. In 1961, they were relocated to the Ohrada hunting lodge. Another part of the collection consists of items transferred to the museum from the former Schwarzenberg museum at Ohrada or from Schwarzenberg assessment office. Other items which entered the collection since 1960s were acquired either by collecting activities of the museum, by purchase, donation, or transfer.

Important Items Belonging to the Sub-Collection

A set of assessment instruments from Professor Haša’s collection, a xylotheque from a forestry school in Zlatá Krona, forestry decrees of Empress Maria Theresa, and a wood sample from the second oldest spruce in the Bohemian Forest.