identification: thresher
type: S I
country of origin: Czechoslovakia
manufacturer: Továrna na stroje, slévárna železa a kovů Bratři Paříkové Napajedla
daily production capacity: 4000 kg
drum revolutions: 1400 rev/min
capacity: 2500 kg of grain/h
dimensions: 3300x2300x2000 mm
weight: 760 kg
year of production: unknown
Továrna na stroje, slévárna železa a kovů Bratří Paříkové Napajedla was founded in 1901. The company progressively grew and during the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic it employed 560 workers. Reflecting market needs, the company produced wide-drum thresher machines that provided better processing and produced long smooth straw. The four most often produced types (S I, S II, S III, S IV) differed in size and capacity. However, they were all equipped with only two shafts and two side belts.