type: MAR-90
country of origin: Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
manufacturer: Agrostroj Prostějov, n.p.
threshing drum diameter: 550 mm
threshing drum width: 900 mm
drum revolutions: 1200 rev/min
capacity: 2500 kg of grain/h
dimensions: 9750x2460x2960 mm
weight: 4250 kg (with accessories)
year of production: unknown

The MAR-90 thresher was used for threshing cereals, legumes, oily seeds, grasses, vegetable seeds, etc. The machine frame is made of steel. The specified dimensions are operational, the transport dimensions are lower in length and width. Dust from the shaker was removed by a suction fan. The unshelled ears were returned back to the threshing system by an ear extractor. The thresher sorted waste and two types of grain. The machine was equipped with a built-in electric motor. There was a belt pulley attached to the shaft of the threshing drum that drove the thresher by means of a tractor or a stationary motor. The MAR-90 thresher was first made in the mid-1950s by Agrostroj Prostějov, n.p., formerly a renowned Czechoslovak company Wichterle a Kovářík a.s.