identification: tractor-drawn forage harvester
type: SKPU-220
working width: 2200 mm
dimensions: 5280x3450x3600 mm
cutting drum diameter: 750 mm
weight: 2046 kg
weight of the reaper: 444 kg
weight of the collector: 317 Kg

The SKPU-220 forage harvester was designed to cut and collect low-stemmed fodder. The harvested fodder (straw) was transported on a reel to a worm conveyor that narrowed the flow of fodder from the width of 2200 mm to the width of the cutting device. The cut up fodder was then transported to a large truck through a nozzle. Based on the harvesting technology, it was possible to attach the harvester behind or next to a moving tractor. The SKPU-220 harvester was manufactured by Agrostroj Pelhřimov, n.p.