identification: tractor
type: Zetor 15
country of origin: Czechoslovakia
manufacturer: Zetor, n.p.
engine: four-stroke antechamber
horse power/revolutions (rev/min): 15/1500
number of cylinders: 1
driling/return stroke (mm): 120/140
cubic content: 1680
fuel: diesel
cooling system: forced circulation water-cooling
dimensions: 2850x1515x1600 mm
weight: 1400 kg
years of production: 1947-1949

The production of tractors in Brno indirectly followed up on the war production of aircraft engines. The blend Zetor originates from the combination of the letter "Zet" in the word "Zbrojovka" with the ending "or" in the word "traktor". Zetor 15 was developed in 1945 by František Musil's construction design company. Altogether 2,215 Zetor 15 tractors were made until 1949 when it was replaced by the more powerful Zetor 25.