identification: tractor
type: Fortschritt ZT 300
country of origin: German Democratic Republic
manufacturer: VEB Traktorenwerke Schönebeck
engine: straight 4-cylinder
number of cylinders: 4
cubic content: 6600
fuel: diesel
cooling system: water-cooling
dimensions: 4890x2120x2620 mm
weight: 4820 kg
year of production: from 1967

Fortschritt was a brand and a producer of tractors, harvesters, and agricultural machinery in the German Democratic Republic. The ZT 300 tractors and their modifications were imported to the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. In the years 1967-1984 the manufacturer Fortschritt Landmaschinen – VEB Traktorenwerk Schönebeck produced more than 70,000 ZT 300 tractors.