identification: tractor
type: Fortschritt RS-09/122
country of origin: German Democratic Republic
manufacturer: VEB Traktorenwerke Schönebeck
engine: four-stroke, D 108
horse power/revolutions (rev/min): 18/3000
number of cylinders: 2
drilling/return stroke (mm): 85/90
cubic content: 1020
fuel: diesel
cooling system: air-cooling
dimensions: 3260x1520x1800 mm
weight: 1070 kg
year of production: 1963

Fortschritt was a brand and a producer of tractors, harvesters, and agricultural machinery in the German Democratic Republic. The RS-09 tractor was nicknamed "the runaway girder" for its atypical design. Another unusual feature of this type of tractor was the location of engine on the rear axle.