identification: tractor
type: Deutz F1M 414
country of origin: Germany
manufacturer: Klöckner-Humbold_Deutz A.G., Köln
engine: four-stroke diesel
horse power/revolutions (rev/min): 11/1550
number of cylinders: 1
drilling/return stroke (mm): 100/140
cubic content: 1100
fuel: diesel
cooling system: forced circulation water-cooling
dimensions: 2250x1450x1410 mm
weight: 1030 kg
year of production: from 1936

The history of Deutz AG dates back to 1864, making the company one of the oldest engine manufacturers in the world. In 1996 Deutz sold the entire production of agricultural machinery to an Italian group Same. The F1M 414 model was one of the most popular tractors. It was nicknamed "the peasant tractor".