identification: tractor
type:  Svoboda DK 22
country of origin: Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
manufacturer: Svoboda Kosmonosy licensed by Deutz
engine: Deutz F 2 M 414
horse power/revolutions (rev/min): 22/1550
number of cylinders: 2
drilling/return stroke (mm): 100/140
cubic content: 2200
fuel: diesel
cooling system: forced circulation water-cooling
dimensions: 2500x1520x1480 mm
weight: 1460 kg
year of production: from 1941

Svoboda motor was a Czech engineering company that was founded in Kosmonosy near Mladá Boleslav in 1926. The production was discontinued when the company was nationalized in 1949. The Svoboda D 22 tractor (also called DK 22) was the first non-original Svoboda tractor. It was manufactured within the so called Schell production plan, which unified the production of motor vehicles.