The Vítkovice Ironworks production plan featured various devices used in the food industry, including the production of licensed stable engines. The ironworks also produced equipment for breweries, distilleries, and sugar factories. 


Fig. 1

Peeling machine “Premium Economist“ for potatoes, beetroot, and celeriac

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Fig. 2

Green fodder dryer with air dryer, fan, drying drum, mill, and dust collector

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Fig. 3

Fulier Kinyon grinding device

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Fig. 4

Hand-held slicers with adjustable cutting width

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Fig. 5

Slicers for smoked meats, cheeses, etc.

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Fig. 6

Dry fat melting equipment

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Fig. 7

Fuller’s mill with air separation

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Fig. 8

Hydraulic press for the production of cracklings

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Fig. 9

Diesel stable engine GL, under the licence Güldner-Lanova

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